Executive Search

Executive Search

Iventa Executive Search secures the most suitable candidates for companies of the most diverse sectors on both a national and international level. As a headhunter, we identify the right individuals using cutting-edge market- and industry-oriented research as well as by leveraging our international networks. For executive search we use discrete means of direct approach to ensure the skills, interest level and change readiness of the candidate, moderating the entire recruitment process and accompanying our clients up to the point of the successful placement. During this process the expertise of our consultants is equally as important as their decisiveness, diplomacy and professionalism – as a headhunter, we are experts in winning over the best minds.

Service portfolio

  • Consulting and development of a comprehensive job profile
  • Identification of ideal candidates through market-oriented research and direct approach using the method of executive search
  • Analysis of CVs and profiles, reference verification
  • Conducting structured interviews by your headhunter
  • Presentation of the potential candidates including candidate's dossier
  • Negotiation process moderation and candidate placement for the relevant position

Iventa – Your experienced headhunter

Already in 2000, Iventa advanced into the field of executive search for positions in the upper managerial level. Therefore our headhunters have extensive experience and well-tested expertise in this field.
At the same time Iventa Executive Search kept its finger on the pulse and uses state-of-the-art methods. As a headhunter, we find ourselves in the unique position to own a research desk in all of our locations – because executive search is also one of our core services in the entire CEE region.
As an integrative organisation with our headquarters in Vienna, we are especially effective in handling cross-boarder search projects, navigating international commissions centrally while implementing them locally with our on-site consultants. This makes Iventa Executive Search a reliable partner in Austria as well as in all of CEE – our success proves our competence as a headhunter.

More as well as specific information regarding our services and methods in the field of executive search can be found in our case studies on the search of a product line lead as well as a search mix for a client in the metal industry. If you are looking for a case study regarding a specific country, please visit the respective language version for more information about our local projects. As a headhunter, we also like to keep our clients up-to-date regarding the latest developments in the field – for HR news and updates simply visit our news section on this website.

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