Human Resources and Organisational Development

Recognising, developing and supporting potential

We support companies regarding all strategic and operative requirements in human resources and organisational development.

Profound knowledge about the potential and competence at hand is a vital factor to change, stabilise or further develop a company. A deep understanding of organisational behaviour patterns and system processes is equally important. A company’s culture has to be understood before it can be transformed.

Human Resources Development

Recognising, developing and supporting potential

We support companies regarding all strategic and operative requirements in human resources development.

Identification and evaluation of high potential employees and company culture
Optimisation and application of HR strategies
Implementation of support and development programmes
Solution and target-oriented support


Your partner for optimisation and application of HR strategies

Bild HR- Strategie. Iventa Mitarbeiter während eines internen Meetings.

Every change in a company’s strategy or goals can call for staff or organisational development activities. Our expertise in development consulting covers extensive services – starting with impulse workshops through to long-term support of development processes and HR challenges such as change and transformation processes, talent management, organisation competency models, and many more.

HR Strategy in detail

We support you in strategic planning and application:
  • Creation and implementation of all-inclusive human resources management concepts
  • Establishing talent management methods
  • Development and utilisation of leadership tools (e.g. competence management, performance interviews, strategic human resources planning, and more)
  • Preparation of performance interview guidelines for employees and qualification of management/executive level personnel in developing a common vision, mission, and strategic goals
  • Setup and support of change and transformation processes
  • Evaluation and further development of company values
  • Creation of processes for culture transformation
  • Development of organisation competence models pertaining to the vision, strategy and values as well as (leadership) culture
  • Moderation and facilitation of focus and steering groups

Organisational Development

Your partner for optimisation and application of HR strategies

We initiate and accompany the proactive development of your company and your employees by expanding existing strengths, overcoming inhibiting factors and establishing opportunities for the future.

The areas of application range from management topics to the challenges of digitisation and the necessary new leadership, communication and organisational designs.

Organisational development in detail

What we offer:
  • Vision / goals / strategies
  • Organisational designs
  • Mission statements and leadership principles
  • Digital transformation
  • Support in change management processes
Examples of our services:
  • Support in change management processes
  • Management tools
  • Trainings & workshops
  • Open innovation
  • Workshops with creative methods
  • Focusing workshops
  • Development and process workshops with the Executive Board
  • Generation management
  • Organisational designs
  • Examination of different organisational models (holocracy, agile structures, etc.)
  • Information and communication roadmaps
  • Coaching: stakeholders and steering committees
  • Advisory groups
  • Leadership trainings

Evaluating Potential

Your expert in identifying and evaluating high potential employees and organisational culture

Bild Potenzialevalulierung. Akademischer Nachwuchs bei Iventa.

We identify, develop and support internal and external high potential employees and assist you in established and new HR processes. Following an integrated approach, we combine the analysis of high potential employees with insights of organisational culture, respond to your specific issues and create a solid, sustainable solution for your company in collaboration with you.

Evaluating Potential in detail

We implement the concept and realisation of your assessment centre, development centre and potential analyses and hold workshops to diagnose company values.


  • Support in selection of external candidates
  • Internal filling of key and/or executive positions

Talent Management:

  • Identifying high potentials and talents in companies
  • Discerning talents’ strengths and areas of development

Advanced progress and training:

  • Determine qualification and development needs of certain target groups


  • Diagnosis and value survey workshop moderation

Training & Development

Your trainer in implementing support and development programmes

Bild Training & Entwicklung. Iventa Mitarbeiterin während eines Meetings auf Ihrem Platz.

Human resources development also means learning at the workplace. We assist you in ensuring that executives and employees can perform optimally in their current positions in the areas of management, communication and transformation.

Training & Development in detail

We offer you thematic emphases in the following areas:
  • Leadership: people management, performance interviews, roles and tasks as executive/manager, cooperative management, managing complexity, lateral management, etc.
  • Self-management: stability in uncertain times, self-management, emotional stability in leadership, self-leadership
  • Communication: reasoning/argumentation, conversation techniques, information management, feedback, conflict management, network communication, changes in communication
  • Change: self-management, emotional stability during change processes, leadership in change, change management, systemic management, creating the transition


Your supportive coach with a solution and goal-oriented approach

Iventa ist ihr Coach in der Begleitung mit lösungs- und zielorientiertem Ansatz

Challenging times call for a little diplomacy and a clear approach. We accompany and support you in development and transformation processes, out & new placement, hostile business relationships andother challenging situations.

Coaching in detail

We support people, teams and companies in:
    • Coping with challenging times
    • Personal and organisational change processes
    • Managing hostile business relationships
    • Dealing with the termination of long-term or intensive business relations, employees

(outplacement) or executives

  • Severance management for executives
  • Job or position changes (junior managers or new placements)
  • Development support


Cultural Development

Your partner to implement the appropriate cultural work process

The corporate culture essentially determines the efficiency, adaptability and ultimately the competitiveness of your company.

An in-depth understanding of culture and a transformation of inhibiting cultural factors form the basis for successful and sustainable personnel and organisational development.

Cultural development in detail

What we offer:
  • Visualizing hidden patterns of thoughts and behaviours, values ​​and norms, interpretation of artefacts
  • Qualitative and quantitative evaluation of the corporate culture based on 14 crucial cultural dimensions
  • Derivation of necessary values, thoughts and behaviour patterns from the goals and the strategy as well as identification of supportive or obstructive behaviour from the cultural analysis
  • Creation of designs and methods as well as long-term support of cultural change


Examples of our services:
  • Behaviour – individual / organisation / team
  • Innovations and development culture
  • Leadership, conflict and error culture
  • Value and reflection processes
  • Establishment of effective objectives
  • Development and implementation of cultural ambassadors

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