Vienna – a new chapter!

By 31. August 2020 September 22nd, 2020 IT-Recruiting, News

It has never been so easy to move to Vienna! Working in Austria, what’s important to know, the most beautiful places, essential info and useful tips. In the following brochure Iventa IT-Recruiting will give you an overview of the beautiful city of Vienna and what is important when moving here.

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If there are any questions left after reading, please don’t hesitate to contact the team! Some have managed the process of moving to Vienna by themselves, but surely each of them has already accompanied candidates during the moving process multiple times when they successfully gained a place to work in a Viennese company – so who else has the valuable information you need for a great start in a new city?

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Vienna – a new chapter!

It has never been so easy to move to Vienna! Working in Austria, what's important…
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