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Iventa & Scout4Skills

Scout4Skills finds talented people with the right skills. That’s why Scout4Skills and Iventa have been an unbeatable team when it comes to IT, automotive and engineering recruitment in Germany since the beginning of 2023.

To find out which candidate suits which company, the Scout4Skills team uses scientifically based selection procedures – and a well-trained knowledge of human nature! In addition, the experienced recruiters scan the market across national borders for the best candidates and provide relocation support!


The Scout4Skills team unites jobs and talents. They find the best match using a five-step process and a keen instinct.


The relocation service takes care of all the bureaucratic aspects of a candidate’s move to Germany. From visa to apartment.

Executive Development

Scout4Skills supports managers in improving internal processes and integration within the company. Because where different countries and cultures meet, understanding and support are needed.

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