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Our mission
Developing people, teams and organisations to deliver sustainable transformation.

“We identify the strengths and potential of your employees and support your management team in achieving optimal performance. “
“We offer company-internal and open seminars to develop the competences of employees, experts and executives.”
“We accompany change and development processes on an organisational and personal level in an innovative, pragmatic and result-oriented manner.”

Acting as reliable partners for the management team, we support decision-makers in expertly mastering their challenges. We initiate transformation and consequently accompany organisations in the implementation of the relevant processes. In close-co-operation with our clients, we develop potential on a personal, team-related, organisational and market-relevant level. By employing both innovative and pragmatic approaches and methods, we thus help our clients achieve their organisational targets and bottom-line results.

Potential analysis

Online potential analysis

To reveal the employees’ hidden skills and potential, we use PERLS – a competency-oriented potential analysis.

PERLS is based on scientifically proven methods and can be adjusted to your individual requirements.

In order to complete the process, we perform a feedback session with each participant. This feedback is designed to trigger self-reflection and forms the basis for further development steps.

Assessment & development

We run Assessment and Development Centres to find the ideal persons for your key expert and leading positions.

Our services range from the identification of strengths and development potentials in your company to the selection of the most suitable internal and external candidates for the relevant roles and tasks.

We adjust our AC/DC to your specific individual requirements and offer them to both – individuals and groups. Finally, we help you to put people into the right skillsets.

360-degree feedback

To encourage self-reflection, participants get feedback from different peer groups.

In development, as well as in change processes, we use our 360-degree feedback tool Human Synergistics. The results of the feedback form the basis for a concrete action plan. In addition, they enable organisations to measure the degree of success in individual development, teams and organisational processes.

The related questionnaires are available in different languages.


In addition to our coaching services, we offer a check-train-coach package. In this context, we identify competencies with the help of a potential analysis tool and give input on how to train these competencies with a constant eye on solutions.

Outplacement/New Placement

In outplacement consulting, we accompany affected employees to find orientation and identify new career perspectives.

For experts and executives, we also offer New Placement services that help them to build up additional contacts and professional networks.

These services have a modular set-up which enables us to offer them to both individuals and groups.

Development programs

Talent Management

Strategically-relevant competencies need to be developed across all hierarchy levels and age groups due to market changes and the increasing diversity in companies.

We ensure the required skills and competencies in the organisation by targeted succession/personnel requirement planning and development programmes.

Leadership development

The way in which we organize and design cooperation requires additional approaches and methods that are faster, more connected and more relationship-oriented.

In close collaboration with you, we develop customised programmes to support you in your daily work.

With the help of state-of-the-art methods, we enable you to realize quick and sustainable wins for better performance.


We offer customised trainings.

With the help of state-of-the-art methods, we ensure quick implementation and visible results.

To this end, we employ existing tools and processes which we further develop and adapt to your individual requirements.

Team development

The team is more than the sum of its individuals- it is one of the most crucial success factors in a company.

Many complex tasks can only be implemented through smooth and efficient cooperation.

Our experience shows: Successful clarification of roles, tasks and responsibilities leads to an increase in team motivation and minimises the existing conflict potential. As a consequence, result-orientation rises significantly.


Experts are frequently not used to transferring knowledge effectively to their different target groups.

In train-the-trainer workshops, methodology input is interspersed with practice sequences to ensure optimal knowhow transfer. This way, participants get a step-by-step introduction to the tools and techniques that are necessary for working as a trainer.

Process support

Change management

Companies are subject to constant change. By virtue of effective processes, we provide support to managers and organisations along the following dimensions of transformation: change management, entrepreneurial challenges due to rapid market developments as well as digital transformation.

Influential decision-makers and their personalities invariably set the pace of change no matter whether it concerns visions, corporate governance, personnel development, values, strategies, processes or cultures.

Cultural development

In times of constant change, employees yearn for orientation.

Organisational culture has a relevant impact on behaviour and guides actions in terms of stability and alignment.

Together with you, we identify the organisational culture and develop a culture of behaviour and values which is relevant for achieving sustainable success.

Organisational development

Companies benefit from self-organised teams in situations where rapid adaptation is required.

We accompany managers and employees during the implementation of agile methods, from the gradual introduction of agile guiding principles to fully agile project management.

Flexibility, speed and result orientation play a decisive role in this context.

HR strategy

Innovative impetus as well as visible contributions to competitiveness and corporate strategy – this is what management increasingly expects from HR.

We assist HRM in establishing itself as a value-adding partner that actively shapes the corporate strategy.

Facilitation and process support

We act as facilitators in workshops for teams and departments.

In this context, workshop targets may range from the strategic realignment of business units and process optimisation to decision-making and conflict management.

Our approaches inspire and reactivate stagnant processes and solve conflicts. As such, they restore and enhance the working ability and creative power of both individuals and teams.

Potential analysis
tools & methods

PERLS®: Online assessment

PERLS® is our testing platform for online assessments. Due to its modular structure, it permits the flexible compilation of individual profiles to implement assessments tailored to your requirements.

Human Synergistics® (LSI)

The Life Styles Inventory® (LSI) tool is an individual development tool that uses both self-assessment, manager and colleague feedback to identify individual thinking and behavioural styles. By providing insights into strengths and areas for development, it empowers people to embark on their own journeys to being better at, and enjoying more, everything they do.

LSI helps individuals to develop constructive paradigms and behaviours, which are statistically saved in connection with: job performance, quality of interpersonal relationships and effectiveness at problem-solving.

Development programs
tools & methods

Lego® Serious Play®

“Thinking with your hands” is the fundamental principle underlying LEGO® Serious Play® – a tool, which can be used in workshops and trainings to activate creativity and visualise hidden interdependences and relations. Teams can develop and envisage various situations and solution strategies for organisational challenges. Application possibilities range from team situations involving 2 persons to organisational issues of up to 100 people. As visualisation is key for a common understanding and commitment, LEGO® Serious Play® provides an appropriate tool for manifold situations.

Experience learning

90 % of a person’s decisions and actions are not based on logical thinking but rather on prior experience. Both sustainable learning and development result from emotional experiences.

For this reason, we use open reflection rounds in our training courses and workshops, which create a holistic learning experience and facilitate the implementation of newly acquired knowledge. All lessons learned can be easily applied to everyday challenges.

We support you in challenging your existing mindset and enable you to try out and sustainably apply new behavioural patterns.

Process support
tools & methods

Agile methods

Speed, customer orientation and flexible cooperation are crucial challenges in projects and teams. Agile methods support successful accomplishment.

Agility in business is obtained by flat hierarchies, self-organising and cross-functional teams, clear-cut allocation of roles and absolute customer focus. Moreover, structured communication helps to achieve ultimate efficiency and effectiveness.

We support you in implementing agile methods as well as in putting specific aspects of agility into practice in your company. In this context, we apply agile working not only to product development but to cooperation in general.

Action learning

Action learning means action-oriented learning along authentic business projects and topics. We support processes and employees in their daily work routines on site. The benefits are twofold: First, we score bottom line results by fulfilling your organisation’s requirements and second, we foster development and cooperation within the company. Technical and personal development as well as performance go hand-in-hand.

Business cases

You are interested in our approaches and success stories? The business cases below provide insight into different fields of our consulting and training services. To safeguard our customers’ privacy, all business cases are anonymised.

Potential analysis

Potential assessment

Industry: International financial services


Implementation of a strategy realignment due to a change in C-level executives. The objective is to define the corporate competencies in order to meet the strategic objectives and clarify the requirements.


Overview of the executives’ strengths and learning developments

A common understanding of the executives’ competencies

Orientation for own development and initiation of self-reflection

A common basis for all personnel development measures

Basis for internal and external selection processes and other possibilities for development

Casting Days

Industry: International hotel chain management


Doing practice and result-oriented training courses to select and choose new employees from different industries for recently opened hotels. Casting days focus on the „candidate experience” and particularly on the implementation of an organisation’s values into everyday business.


Identification of the abilities of an applicant

Unique candidate experience

90% complete the candidate day in one day

Setting up a basis for decision making

Development programs

Leadership development programme

Industry: Plumbing, Heating and Air- Conditioning/internationally operating family Business


The overall objective is to develop the market leadership by running a leadership programme for management. To ensure the programme’s success and to effectively support HR, the required core competences are defined in cooperation with the management.


Analysis of the required management core competence

Clarification of the existing qualification level of executives

Development for second line management

Professional handling of change

Increasing entrepreneurial thinking and behaviour

People (Talent) management

Industry: Longstanding internationally active wood processing corporation


People management aims at creating a common vision of the company’s orientation and goals as well as a consistent understanding of the requirements and expectations towards employees (high-potentials, etc.).
We ensure a targeted development of employees through customised workshops focused on the topics and projects and a transfer of lessons learned into everyday business.


A common understanding of the requirements and expectations

Highly engaged and motivated employees

A common vision of the goals and orientation of the company

Development of people on a customised basis with workshop character and transfer of lessons learned into the organisation

Process support

Agile organisational development

Industry: internationally active engineering company


Apart from employer branding, organisational development strives to increase HR´s productivity with particular emphasis on communication initiatives. By training specific Brand Ambassadors (BA), the company’s culture shall be spread and established across the whole organisation.


Inclusion of the BAs’ qualification training in the on-boarding process

Integration of corporate values in the employees’ daily business

Sustainable cultural transformation

Strengthening of the employer´s value proposition

Change management

Industry: Food industry


The overall objective is to introduce and establish a new strategy in the internal organisation with the implementation of SAP being the focus project. Change agents are trained to support the change processes and to ensure the implementation of a new leadership culture such as management by objectives.


Efficient process-set up

Highly improved information transfer and communication

Increasing identification with ongoing change

Role clarity and accountability at all levels

Establishment of a high-performance SAP team

Our e³-Team

Our USP as coach and consultant team

Our e3-team is an interdisciplinary team of consultants, psychologists, educators, sociologists and HR-specialists who design and implement practical training courses, coaching workshops and change processes.

Our clients appreciate the balance of theoretical input and professional interaction provided by our trainers and consultants according to the clients’ specific needs. Consistency and variation of expert input and result-oriented elements ensure lasting learning achievement and encourage sustainable transfer into everyday life.





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“An effective and successful company, can be recognised by the interaction between employees and the organisation, that should be with both heart and mind. We go hand in hand with organisations and people with professional methods, aiming at a successful and sustainable company development.”

Silke Kurtz

Managing Director Employer Branding & Development

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