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Sabina Oblak


Next to years of experience in working with executives and strategic HR development, she has earned a master’s degree in human corporate and IT. She is Senior Consultant in the area of human resources and organisational development and supports processes and persons: top management and management teams in diverse industries. She looks back on years of experience und views the intersection of stakeholders and sustainability as elements central to success.

Judith Öller


After completing her bachelor’s degree in corporate communications at the FH Wien WKW, Judith Öller finished her master’s degree in international business relations with a marketing focus in 2021. At her previous employer she gained experience as a social media agent for online crisis communication. Being responsible for communications in a department with more than 200 employees she gained deeper knowledge in social media and internal communications. Judith supports the Employer Branding Team in the field of Social Media Recruiting.

Adar Özdemir


After graduating from HAS, Adar was able to gain a lot of experience in the commercial area and in billing. At Iventa, he not only supports the Branding & Culture team in billing but also in organizational matters and can thus manifest his affinity for numbers and his sense of responsibility.

Nina Poeschko

Nina Poeschko has many years of experience in the field of human resources in international companies with leadership and project responsibility in change processes. In addition to her studies in International Business Administration, she completed training as a systemic coach, systemic organizational developer and trainer. As a consultant in the field of personnel and organizational development, she accompanies people, teams and organizations in change and development processes. Her focus in working with people and organizations is on appreciation and discovering strengths and resources, with which sustainable solutions are developed together.

Stefanie Rechberger


Stefanie Rechberger completed the marketing management diploma course at the Advertising Academy in Vienna, as well as the digital marketing course at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences. In the last few years, she was able to gain experience as an online campaign manager in a media group. At Iventa, she is part of the employer branding team and supports our customers in the successful implementation of social media campaigns. In January 2023, Stefanie completed her master’s program in Digital Marketing at FH St. Pölten. This enables her to apply her theoretical knowledge in practical situations.

Susanne Schäfer


 In her role as Senior Consultant in the field of personnel and organizational development, Susanne Schäfer is committed to shaping work environments in organizations that promote both personal and organizational growth. As a trained work and organizational psychologist, she brings a strong conceptual mindset, analytical perspective, and a keen sensitivity to the needs of people. Additionally, she has extensive experience in guiding and developing individuals, teams, and organizations.

Caroline Üllen


Caroline Üllen supports the Employer Branding Team since December 2019 with creative concepts and designs. After her degree in media design and several years of experience as a Graphic Designer and Art Director in an online agency, she is now responsible for graphic design concepts and the implementation for online and print media.

Lucas Weyrer-Unger


As a Business Psychologist, Lucas Weyrer-Unger contributes his practical and scientific expertise in marketing and human resources to our team. After graduating from the University of Vienna, he gained experience as a brand strategy consultant for national and international clients. Furthermore he worked as a trainer and consultant, planning and implementing leadership development programs and change management processes. As certified “Employer Brand Manager” (certificate issued by DEBA / WU Executive Academy / School of Business Munich) he combines the best of both worlds and supports the team as a strategic senior consultant for employer branding.

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